Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Colorful Birthday Card

Good afternoon! 

Here's a birthday card I made earlier this week.  The sketch is from the Mojo Monday sketch, but I left out one of the panels.  Oh well, I still think it looks cute.  I'm working on updating my Etsy shop with new cards, and my mom is asking for new ones to take to work.  (She sells them for me and is tired of looking at the same cards, haha)

HOPEFULLY, after this weekend, things will start to get back to normal around here.  We have a Christmas party for my husbands side of the family here on Sat....I better get cleaning!  With two boys, two BIG dogs and two cats, this place NEVER stays clean! 

They might look all cute and innocent, but there's a total of 250 lbs (125 lbs each) of chaos there!  Lola the one in the front is a B-R-A-T!  She thinks that she runs the house, and everything is her way.  And Petey is just a lover with the occasional tendancy to randomly chew on the kids toys....  They just turned 3 this past Christmas.  They're both girls (I have a thing with naming my girl dogs boy dog before them was named Fergus) and sisters and just recently I was told that you shouldn't get sisters from the same litter because they'll fight all the time....wish I would have known that 3 years ago!!  Most days it sounds like I have an illegal dog fighting ring in my house.....  Oh well, the other 25% of the time they're pretty good dogs....might have something to do with them being asleep though... haha!
I'm hoping to get myself in a routine with posting on here.  I have some ideas for doing a few different things each week, we'll see how that works.

Have a great day!!!

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